hello.app: The New Era of File Storage

Meet the Founders hello.app

Alvaro Pintado Santaularia and Alexander Baikalov, the young entrepreneurs behind hello.app, aim to revolutionize the way we store files.

From Idea to Potential Unicorn hello.app

Learn about the journey of hello.app from a simple idea to a potential unicorn in the tech world.

A Decentralized Solution for File Storage hello.app

Discover the decentralized, web3-based approach to secure and efficient file storage at hello.app.


The Vision of hello.app

Understanding the vision behind creating the world's largest decentralized file storage infrastructure.


How Decentralized Storage Works hello.app

Explaining the mechanics of hello.app's decentralized storage solution and its benefits over traditional services.


Benefits of the Decentralized Web3 Ecosystem hello.ap

Highlighting the sustainability, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency of hello.app's storage solution.


Our Challenges and Solutions hello.app

Addressing the main challenges in developing a decentralized storage network and how hello.app is overcoming them.

hello.app is the new generation

Pre-seed Round and the Future of hello.app

Details on the recent funding round and what lies ahead for hello.app in their quest to revolutionize file storage.

Welcome to the future of cloud storage with hello.app – where we're not just challenging the status quo; we're rewriting it. Our mission at hello.app is to revolutionize the way you store and manage your data. With an unwavering commitment to security, privacy, and decentralization, we're proud to offer an unprecedented 100GB of free cloud storage to our early adopters.

Why Choose hello.app?

A Glimpse Into Our World-Class Features hello.app:

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